-P A B L O H O N E Y-

YOU can mock or laugh all you want but no matter what,the very few things & human beings that I love,
will always be way better & more beautiful than you and the things you love.

"And Islam is PERFECT. Muslims are NOT. Nor are ANY humans or their ideas or institutions or politics. Perfection is a quality of God alone."
-Lupe Fiasco-


like tyco

I was about to eat my dinner in peace.unfortunately, something happen.
mom put something inside my plate.something that I don't want to eat.
and now, my appetite has gone and I'm not going to eat.

err...I mean, not now.hehe :D

Tyco! you always skip dinner.
It's not good! I want you to EAT & be healthy!
[TOP pon mkn byk nasi hokayh]
hihihi..go tyco! muahh ^^


  1. tak boleh!
    aku kene kurus macaam top dulu!
    just wait and see aaaa.
    btw ape yang kau x suker tuh?

  2. oki moki..
    kena la exercise yeh! :D

    hmm..aku xske....
    SAYUR! (menggelabah je en) kekekeke..

  3. ek ele.sayur ape?
    sedap uhhhhhh!

  4. sup sayur..
    so cm byk2 sayur la dlm tu..
    mmg sgt sedap pon..

    tp sbb momma letak scre sgaja tnpa pengetahuan..
    sptotnye ckp dulu..bru la aku bersedia utk mkn sayur..ngahahha :D

  5. cumai ngade2! haha.

    taiko: top pon penah gemok gak! haha.

  6. ala dayah..bknnye selalu..hee~ ;)