-P A B L O H O N E Y-

YOU can mock or laugh all you want but no matter what,the very few things & human beings that I love,
will always be way better & more beautiful than you and the things you love.

"And Islam is PERFECT. Muslims are NOT. Nor are ANY humans or their ideas or institutions or politics. Perfection is a quality of God alone."
-Lupe Fiasco-


A message.

the salty it hurts my eyes.

So verily, with the hardship, there is relief.
Verily, with the hardship, there is relief. [94:5-6]

my room is a mess but I like it that way and here I am, sipping my piping hot milo and typing at the same time.


  1. oh sumai..its okie..dont worry ya!!
    tp mengenangkn knangan smalm
    hypomaniac person=sumaiyah autobots!!!

  2. hoi hawe! ade ke kite plak yg hypomanic!
    ngeng2..pggl singa mkn kang..woof woof..

    ouh autobots!!haha..sgt besarrr :DD

  3. man, gambar ni seksi siot >>>
    eh milo satu!

  4. sgt hokayh!! :DD
    wonbin is love ♥♥